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Take Better Digital Photos!

Browse our photo tips to take better digital photos with your digital camera! Many users complain of bad pictures, but they don't know they easy way to correct them!

Use Tripod or table - Are you taking a few pictures for an animation? Use a tripod, or keep the camera steady on a table so that it doesn't more. Also useful for night time or timer shots.

Use Timer for self portraits - No one wants to see your camera or a mirror in your pictures. Most cameras have a timer feature (indicated by a stopwatch icon) to take a time delayed picture. Turn that on, set the camera on a table or tripod and pose!

Close ups! - Are you ready for a close up? Are pictures of flowers or eyes or jewelery not turning out? Use the "macro" feature on your camera. This is usually indicated by a "Flower icon". It tells the camera to focus closer. Even still, don't go too close, use zoom or cropping later to get your final picture.

Are you too far away? - Was the photographer too far away in your picture? Upload a full resolution photo (make sure to select a larger canvas) and use the crop tool to cut the photo down to your size. You'll look better if you fill the picture!

Colors off? - If the picture has bright spots and dark spots, you can try to adjust the color to make the picture look better. Use the "Adjust" menu for various options. My favorite is the "equalize" setting, which will usually balance a photo very well.



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